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If you set off with the bh com of making money, you are by IRS definition, a business. You must pay taxes on what you make. As a business in the USA, you're involved in a great deal of competition. If you don't win, you lose. The hard part is figuring out how to run a business, insure your business, get all the right permits and registrations, and then figure out how to get people to want to buy from bh com instead of the other 38,597,562 sellers on eBay, bh com anywhere else on Earth, like the corner store.

Before setting off with a genius plan to make a million dollars on eBay, contact SCORE and ask them for business advice. SCORE is a fantastic organization, and they'll get you all the help you need. If you can make money selling items at the local flea market or swap meet, if you can make money running a retail or online store, if you can make money make money fast sales at any level, you have what it takes bh com succeed on eBay.

If you lack these critical business and people skills, eBay isn't going to make it any easier. If you aren't able to bring products to market elsewhere, you probably won't bh com well on eBay.

If you have the business skill, go right ahead. Be sure to work with your local chapter of SCORE to sort out the business aspects and get some great advice on how to be successful.

That's the important part. Once you've got that down, here are my tips on some of the details related only to the eBay aspects. No one makes money buying on eBay. The only way to make money is to buy elsewhere, and sell on eBay. No one makes money with eBay arbitrage. Arbitrage ("flipping") bh com buying and reselling the same thing quickly, bh com at a bh com price, just to make a fast buck.

There are very few deals on eBay. Anyone bh com you a system to buy low and sell high on eBay is dreaming. Forget trying to ether is a cryptocurrency items on eBay to resell on forex oil rate. Even if you manage a scheme to have the original seller reship to your buyer instead of you having to pay for shipping twice, PayPal will choke.

The people who make money on eBay are people who know where to buy items cheaply bh com, and only then sell them on eBay.

They'll probably pay you to haul away the Leica film gear. This is the biggest one: there are people who make it their livings liquidating the life-long possessions of dead people. An estate liquidator goes in and buys everything, trash and treasures, all at once. They cart away the rubbish, and the juiciest items go up on eBay. They make their money by offering the service of being a one-stop, one check solution to get rid of everything. By offering the service of taking it all, they hope that bh com good stuff makes more money than what bh com costs them to haul away the junk.

This is a bh com unto itself. It's not the eBay part bh com makes them rich, it's their abilities to research the obituaries, grease the coroner's office and the guy who runs the incinerator at the local hospital, and most importantly, deal cordially and professionally with grieving relatives. Governments bh com no idea how to promote themselves. When a government runs an auction, it's usually in the most remote location, at the most ridiculous time, with the weirdest requirements.

This isn't on purpose, it's simply because governments tend to operate to make things easy for themselves, not run to get the most money for their items to help us, bh com taxpayers.

Because they have no idea how to run an auction or promote bh com, if you're one of the few people who can figure when and where they happen, bring a truck and a lot of cash, and you're in.



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