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How do I change it. In case fx this do not remember your Paytm Passcode or need to reset your Passcode, you can reset your passcode using: Paytm App: Click on Bank Icon on Paytm App homepage. Click on reset passcode on login page. PPBL Netbanking panel: Login dessert franchise Netbanking panel and reset your passcode.

In case you remember your existing passcode you can change it using: Bank section on Paytm App: Click on Bank profile page and then click 'Security'. You can set a new passcode once you have verified existing passcode for the account PPBL Netbanking panel: Login to Netbanking panel and visit profile section.

Click on change passcode. You can set a new passcode once you have verified existing passcode for the account. I forgot password for my account.

For all users not using business email, your nzd sgd password is same as password that you use for your Paytm account. Users with Business email can reset their account password by writing to Key Account Manager How do I change my current account login credentials.

In case you want to use different credentials, you can do either of the below: Update your Paytm registered mobile number: You can do by clicking on Edit your profile on Paytm App. Follow the instructions to update your mobile number. Update new cryptocurrency for binance Paytm registered email id: You can do by clicking on Edit your profile bitcoin price all time Paytm App.

Follow the instructions to update your email id. Setup login using business email: In case you do not wish to use your personal Paytm credentials bitcoin price all time operating your corporate current bitcoin price all time, you can setup a login on your business email from Netbanking panel. In case you do not want to operate your current account using your personal Paytm credentials, you may decide to setup a Business Email based login from Netbanking panel.

How can I setup a business email. Follow the below steps to setup business email: Bitcoin price all time on profile and select business email setup. Enter the email on which login has to be setup. Verify link sent on email Set up password and passcode on this account Login to netbanking panel again with new login ( Username should be email used during bitcoin price all time email setup) Note: Once a business email has been setup for a user, the user will no longer be able to access the current account using previously used credentials.

Why do I see 'partner bank balance' in my net-banking panel. What are the different roles available for operating Netbanking panel. Users who use PPBL current account netbanking panel can be are granted the following roles: All roles: A user with this role will have access to all features available on netbanking panel ie.

What do I do if a new bitcoin price all time needs to approve transactions on Netbanking Panel. Bitcoin price all time do I do if checker privileges need to be removed for a user. How can I assign "Create" or "View" role to a new user. To do this follow the below steps: Login into your account on PPBL net-banking panel and click on Users tab.

Enter passcode to initiate user addition. This link is only active for 48 hours. In case verification link gets expired, the same can be re-triggered from pivot forex bitcoin price all time. If verification is done within 48 hours, required permissions to operate Current account will be granted to this user.

Note: Only a user with role "All roles" can add assign create or view to other users. How can I remove "Create" or "View" role for an existing user. Select the user who needs to be removed. Enter bitcoin price all time to initiate user deletion. Note: Only a user with role "All roles" can do this. Does PPBL support multiple checkers for approving transactions on netbanking panel.



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