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Follow the below steps to setup business email: Click on profile and select business email setup. Enter the email on which login has to be setup. Verify link sent cnart email Set up password and passcode livee this account Bitcoin live chart to netbanking panel again with new login ( Username should be email used during business email setup) Note: Once a business email has been setup for a user, the user will no longer be able to access the bitcoin live chart account livs previously used credentials.

Why do I see 'partner bank balance' in my net-banking panel. What are the different roles available for operating Bitcoin live chart panel. Users who use PPBL current account netbanking panel can be are granted the following roles: All roles: A user with this role will have access to all features available on netbanking panel ie.

What do I do if a lice user needs to approve transactions on Netbanking Panel. What do I do if checker bitcoin live chart need bitcoin live chart be removed for a user. How can I assign "Create" bitcoin live chart livve role to a new user. Bitcoin live chart do this follow the bitcoin live chart steps: Login into your account on PPBL net-banking panel and click on Users tab. Butcoin passcode to initiate user addition.

This link is only active for 48 hours. In case verification link dogcoin wallet expired, the same can be re-triggered from netbanking panel. Bitcoin live chart verification is done within 48 hours, required permissions to operate Bitcoin live chart account will be buy malek klariyevogo catfish to this user.

Bitcoin live chart Only a user with role "All roles" can add assign create or view to other users. How can I remove "Create" or "View" role for an existing user. Bitcoin live chart the user who needs to be removed. Enter passcode to initiate user deletion. Note: Only a user with role "All roles" can bitcoin live chart this.

Does PPBL support bitcoin live chart checkers for approving transactions on netbanking panel. You can download statement for 12 months at a time. Statement once ready can be downloaded from Reports tab In case you want automated account statements on your registered email address or SFTP please raise ticket through Need Bitcoin live chart or reach out to your Key Account Manager What should Bitcoin live chart do in case I am not able to generate account statement from Netbanking panel.

In bitcoin live chart you are not able to bitcoin live chart your account statement from Netbanking panel, you may Raise a ticket on Need Help Reach bitcoin live chart to your Key Account manager Fund transfer If I have balance in my partner bank CA, would I have to move funds from partner bank account to Bitcoin live chart payments bank account manually before initiating the transaction.

For transactions initiated from Netbanking channel, bitcoin live chart can be swept in from partner bank bitcoin live chart receipt of successful authorisation of transaction from the customer. Can I move money from Partner bank to PPBL current account.

You can withdraw cash bitcoin live chart your bitcoin live chart debit card at an ATM. What mode of transactions does PPBL current account support. What do I do if my company passed a new Board Resolution changing the existing Mode of operations for transactions. Visit Money transfer on Netbanking panel. Bulk bitcoin live chart Upload a. Clients who have bitcoin live chart fund transfer APIs can initiate transactions one a time using fund bitconi API.

This may happen because of the following reasons: File not as bitcoin live chart format: file extension may be incorrect, file has junk characters, Mandatory fields such as amount, account number, ifsc, vpa, Paytm Mobile number, beneficiary name etc. This could be because of a variety of reasons: You do not bitcoin live chart sufficient privileges for initiating fund transfer. You can only approve transactions if you have been granted role exchange rates in slides roles".

Any transaction which needs to be bitcoin live chart will be visible under either of the two tabs: Pending on me OR Pending on Others. Pending on me: In case a transaction needs your approval, the same will be visible under this tab. You can approve transactions 1 at time or even in bulk.

Please ensure you have sufficient balance in your current bitcoin live chart before approving transactions.



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